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TimberGuard is the umbrella name we give for our 2 stages of timber protection, included with every cabin purchase.

1st we use our own in house designed TermiCaps (patent pending) which are galvinized caps attached to the in ground piers they not only create a barrier against nasty ants. They are used to create the perfect level platform to build the subframe off.

2nd we use TermiGuard spray treatment which is a Boron based chemical that kills and repels wood boring insects it also acts as a fire retardant.

  • Can be used on all wood and wood composites
  • Provides a shell of protection around all treated wood
  • Will prevent and kill termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles and wood rot
  • Does not interfere with the application of high quality wood finishes
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Colorless
  • 24hr drying time
  • Permanent if inside sealed timber

Here is some information from

Borate treatments have been used for many years with their recognition as a benign eco-friendly form of timber preservation.The treatment of timber with borates has been associated in the past with leaching problems because where it is used in as an uncovered treatment (exposed to the elements) it would leach over a period of time. However, in a covered above-ground situation, the borates will reside in the timber for the lifetime use of the timber in service and in an exposed above-ground situation where the timber was protected with an appropriate sealant; the treatment would continue to operate as long as it remained sealed against exposure. Borate treatments are not new and have been extensively used to preserve telephone poles, bridges and fenceposts (H3, H4 & H5 use), whereby the borates are used as a “diffusible” timber preservative. What this means is that boron stick (similar to chalk sticks) are placed in drill holes in the timber and are replenished on a regular basis as they continue to travel in the timber on the moisture lines therein providing ongoing protection with regular servicing. Recent developments have resulted in borate treatments that can provide full-infusion of construction timbers with both sapwood and heartwood being able to be treated. Borates represent the longest continually registered insecticides in the world and provide fungal and insect protection of timber unrivalled by other recognised timber preservation technologies. The other beneficial aspect of borate infusion in timber is that it provides fire retardancy and smoke suppression that other treatments are unable to impart. In fact, solvent use in timber preservation treatments can actually assist the spread of fire. Boron is a natural element that is mined throughout countries such as the USA, Turkey, China, Argentina, Chile and other countries to have a host of industrial uses. Many environmental groups are pushing for the greater use of borates in timber preservation to offset the use of the chemical timber preservation products that are being reviewed because of health issues in handling treated timbers as well as toxicity and ‘end-of-use’ disposal issues that beset the world’s environment.