Meet Our Team

Cabin Kits Galore is a family business which started in NSW over 8 years ago. We now have a solid distribution network throughout Australia and will go just about anywhere to build cabins.

Les and Jill Baker were inspired to establish Cabin Kits Galore after they discovered stunning European style cabins during a visit to England about 10 years ago. Upon returning home, it was clear that there weren’t any appealing backyard retreats available in the Australian market which were comparable. Soon after, Les got his son Lucas on board and then the work began! Countless hours were spent in conjunction with our European manufacturer developing cabin designs that would suit the Australian regulations, conditions and style. Initially, Cabin Kits Galore developed three cabin designs and the range has continued to expand.  Unlike our competitors, Cabin Kits Galore has a close working relationship with our manufactures and ensure that production is sustainable and helps support the local community.

Cabin Kits Galore prides itself on being an honest and upfront family business. Our advertised installation prices are all inclusive, providing you with everything you need for a fully functional backyard retreat. Other companies may offer low prices for the bare bones product, but you may easily end up paying double if not triple for the full package.

Cabin Kits Galore are not only the most experienced cabin builders in Australia, we provide a friendly, personal service. The person you talk to on the phone will be the same person delivering and building your cabin.

    Why Choose Us?
    When you’re investing a lot of money into a product you want to work with someone you can trust and is experienced with the product you’re purchasing. We have over 8 years of building these styles of cabins under our belt. More than any other company in Australia can boast by a long shot.
    We have multiple mobile installation set ups. We have crossed road less rivers, we have navigated bush with no sign of roads, we have built on the mountains and we haven’t turned back from a job yet.
    We know that timber structures shift here or there and a door and window might move out of alignment. We don’t charge extra for a after sales service call like others do we just fix the problem quickly.
    It would be easy to just put up a price cheaper then the competitors, but we don’t feel that is right. When we drive away all you have to do is paint or stain, put your floor covering down and connect the cabin to mains. We do it all and its included in the price.
    We pride ourselves in a quick turnaround, we have all advertised models in stock and if push comes to shove can build your cabin within a week.
    We supply and apply a free treatment on every cabin to protect your investment against borers, wood rot and fire. Other companies charge $400+ for this, we just include it.

    Lucas Baker (Bakes) NSW VIC SA

    Director/Sales/ Operations/ Driver/ Marketing/ Chief installer

    Lucas has been working hard over the last few years in the cabin business. He prides himself in being there from the beginning to the end of cabin install, not wanting to outsource installations so he knows all cabins are built to the high standards customers deserve.

    Lucas is recently married with a little boy Jack keeping him busy.

    0415 335 282

    Garry – QLD – Builder

    People don’t believe us when we tell them that the cuddly bear is a former Australian heavy weight boxing champ. We don’t either Garry!

    Pete – QLD – Sales and installation

    Nothing makes Pete happier than playing with his toys under a big blue sky all day long